Dilma Rousseff

Ex-President of Brazil

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Both the schlemiel and schlimazel of Brazilian politics. Having swept to power on the back of the endorsement of her political mentor, Lula, Dilma suffered the ignominy of being impeached and removed from office in 2016. Considering she had only been re-elected in 2014, and that Brazil’s Congress is like its American counterpart in terms of agreeing on things, this was some feat.

For her supporters, she is the victim of everything wrong in Brazilian politics. For her detractors, she is everything wrong in Brazilian politics.

She had the good luck to receive the endorsement of (at the time) the most popular president in Brazilian history, but the bad luck to preside over Brazil during a time in which there was a historic economic downturn, the biggest corruption scandal in its history, and an amazingly intransigent Congress. When the shit hit the fan and politicians ran for cover, she was not willing or able to provide any, even for her allies. By doing so, she ironically discovered the one thing that could unite Congressmen of all shapes and sizes: the desire to save their own skin. And so they did away with her.

As for the self-inflicted wounds, there were too many to count.