Media Appearances

I helped organize, plan, and implement Collective Kentucky Exit Poll (CKEP) project with Benjamin Knoll and Jaclyn Johnson of Centre College and a consortium of five other universities. The CKEP was cited in at least 118 stories including those below:

  1. Nathaniel Rakich, “What Virginia, Mississippi, and Kentucky can tell us about 2020,” FiveThirtyEight, Nov. 8, 2019.
  2. Michael Strysick, “Extensive Kentucky governor’s race exit polling led by Centre College offers insights into Bevin-Beshear contest.” Centre College, Nov. 8, 2019.
  3. Hillary Thornton, “Centre College’s exit polling examines voter trends in governor’s race,” WKYT. Nov. 12, 2019.
  4. Ben Kleppinger, “Exit Poll: Boyle less polarized than other places,” The Advocate-Messenger. Nov. 8, 2019.

Pax Tecum Global Consultancy, Global Podcast, “Episode 25: Diplomacy in Venezuela,” 05/03/2019.

Pax Tecum Global Consultancy, Global Podcast, “Episode 20: Brazil under Bolsonaro,” 03/29/2019.

Marc Burleigh, “The challenges facing Bolsonaro as he takes power in Brazil,” Agence France Press, 12/27/2018.

WarCast: War on the Rocks, Brazil’s Pivot Under Bolsonaro, 11/16/2018.

War on the Rocks, 11/13/2018: Brazil and Venezuela: A Storm Brewing in Roraima?”(with João Carlos Jarochinski Silva).

The Monkey Cage, The Washington Post, 11/7/2018: Brazil is unpredictable right now. Here are 3 possible scenarios for incoming president Jair Bolsonaro. 

Rádio Justiça, 10/30/2018

GLOBALCIT, Global Governance Programme, 10/30/2018: Brazil: the Supreme Electoral Court wiped out voters’ registrations

Rádio Justiça, Revista Justiça, 10/29/2018 (with Carlos Oliveira)

Mischiefs of Faction, Vox, 10/26/2018: Pollin’ ain’t easy: why did Brazilian pollsters go so badly astray in 2018?

Mischiefs of Faction, Vox, 10/8/2018: Top Pentecostal leaders supported the far right in Brazil’s presidential campaign (with Amy Erica Smith)

TV Câmara, 10/7/2018

Folha de São Paulo. 8/6/2018: “Debates cristalizam preferências e ajudam na escolha de indecisos” (with Lúcio Rennó and André Bello)

Rádio Justiça, 8/18/2017

The Monkey Cage, The Washington Post, 9/30/2016: “Brazil votes on Sunday for the first time since Rousseff was ousted. What will happen to her party?” (with Fernando Meireles)

The Monkey Cage, The Washington Post, 5/25/2016: “How the Brazilian electoral system led the nation into the current political mess” (with Carlos Oliveira)

The Monkey Cage, The Washington Post, 3/31/2016: “Will Brazil impeach its president? Here’s a handy guide to the process and politics in play” (with Calla Hummel)