Published Papers and Articles

Preaching to the Choir: The Effect of Debates on Vote Choice (with André Bello and Lúcio Rennó, revise and resubmit, Public Opinion Quarterly).

“Presidential Coattails and Electoral Coordination in Multilevel Elections: Comparative Lessons from Brazil.” Electoral Studies 43 (2016); 104-114 (with André Borges)

“Top Pentecostal leaders supporters the far right in Brazil’s presidential campaign.” Vox: Mischiefs of Faction. 8 October 2018 (with Amy Erica Smith).

“Debates cristalizam preferências e ajudam na escolha de indecisos” (Debates crystallize preferences and help undecided voters choose). Folha de São Paulo. 6 August 2018 (with Lúcio Rennó and André Bello)

• “Brazil votes on Sunday for the first time since Rousseff was ousted. What will happen to her party?” The Monkey Cage. 30 September 2016 (with Fernando Meireles).

• “How the Brazilian electoral system led the nation into the current political mess.” The Monkey Cage. 25 May 2016 (with Carlos Oliveira).

“Will Brazil impeach its president? Here’s a handy guide to the process and politics in play.” The Monkey Cage. 31 March 2016 (with Calla Hummel).

Working Papers

Vote Buying and Polling Errors (under review)

Clientelist Voting and Modernization (to be presented at APSA)

Clientelist Voting in a Cross-National Context (presented at ALACIP in 2017)

Measuring Political Sophistication Cross-Nationally (presented at LASA in 2017)

Polarization in Brazil (presented at BRASA in 2018)



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