About Me

Ryan Lloyd

I am a postdoctorate researcher at the University of São Paulo. A U.S. national, I came to Brazil in 2014 to do doctorate fieldwork, and have lived here ever since; I am currently based out of São Paulo.

I earned my PhD in government from the University of Texas-Austin in 2016. My CV can be found here and my academic research can be found here.  My appearances in the media can be found here. Those who are new to the Brazilian context might want to start out at my glossary and my Frequently Asked Questions.

My scholarly interests center on public opinion, political behavior, and vote buying, with secondary interests in methodology in political science. I tend to write primarily on Brazilian politics, but I also write about politics elsewhere in the Americas.

My non-scholarly interests center on soccer, particularly Liverpool FC and Palmeiras, and board games. I spend far too much time on Sporcle, and far too little time at the gym. I would like to spend more time in karaoke bars as well, but I don’t really have the time or money for that.

My non-scholarly non-interests center on sertanejo and reggaeton. I just read my first non-academic book in about two years (All the King’s Men) and it was wonderful.